Yod m 3d cube download minecraft

Rotate the cube until you see the desktop you wish to switch to requires windows xp sp2, vista, vista 64bit, 7, 64bit, 8, and 8 64bit. Giant rubiks cube needs brawn as well as brains to solve. Yod m 3d does for windows what beryl or compiz does for linux. Virtual desktop manager featuring the cube 3d effect. Download abstract wallpaper by victoria0802 4f free on zedge now. Yodm 3d provides four virtual desktops for your pc, all of them contained in a spinning 3d cube. Yodm 3d is a virtual desktop manager that uses a 3d rotating cube to visualize the changeover of desktops. Best of all, yodm 3d can be run portably from a usb device such as a flash drive or external hard disk. General flash drive applications category page 4 of 5. Yodm 3d does for windows what beryl or compiz does for linux.

Whose four sides are of different applications can be freely assigned, so you may have to install the tool, no problems with overloaded desktops. It utilizes a 3d rotating cube to allow the user to change desktops and can manage up to four desktops. Yodm 3d is still available to download from various sources. Download links have been removed due to lack of seeding on torrents and the preactivation key stopped working for direct download after so many people downloading. Deskspace formerly yod m 3d is a virtual multidesktop environment with a visually appealing way to transform between desktops. Deskspace, formerly known as yodm 3d is a virtual desktop manager available for windows 2000, xp, vista and 7. Find best latest 3d wallpaper for android in hd for your. Download the latest version of yodm 3d for windows. Yodm 3d, a name taken from the acronym of yet another desktop manager 3d, thats what we will enjoy, a really good virtual desktop manager whose main function is to create multiple virtual desktops and let us change between them with that fashionable 3d cube. Exibe as janelas lado a lado uma da outra, como um painel. Deskspace maps six virtual desktops to a cube and allows the user to switch.

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