Who shot mr burns part 2 episode

Burns, part two season 7, episode 1, originally aired 9171995. In the summer of 1995, one question consumed an entire nation of tv viewers. Part two is the one hundred and twentyninth episode of the simpsons and the first episode of. Homer looks at his family, and realizes his obesity is making life hard for them homer. A twopart story told across the simpsons season 6 finale and season 7 premiere, who shot mr. Part 2 season 7, episode 1, inspecting a catatonic mr. I havent done a full inventory but while who shot mr.

The simpsons fan shares wild theory about who shot mr. Waylon smithers believes he may have shot burns while in a drunken stupor, and turns himself in. Part one is the first half of the only twopart episode of the simpsons to date. Burns makes many enemies when he steals the oil discovered beneath springfield elementary. Home the simpsons season 6 episode 25 tv season page. Fans of the simpsons have come up with a theory about a scene in the twopart episode who shot mr burns that has recently become a point of contention among eagleeyed viewers. The simpsons season 7 episode 1 who shot mr burns part.

The simpsons season 6 episode 25 who shot mr burns. A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. The simpsons already made the perfect final episode. Now homer, if there is anything else i can do for you, please let me know. It was the end of season 6 and the opener for season 7. Do you think you know everything about this episode. However, it is discovered that he is innocent, so the police question several other suspects and. The simpsons season 7 episode 1 who shot mr burns part ii. Episode references gags appearances gallery quotes credits who shot mr. Throughout the summer of 1995, fans of the simpsons speculated about who in springfield could have had the motive to shoot mr. Burns, part two season 7, episode 1, originally aired 9171995 the simpsons could have kicked off its seventh season pretty much any way it wanted. Just an ordinary episode that happened to be the solution to who shot mr. The twopart cliffhanger finale of the simpsons sixth season was originally conceived as a.

It saw the simpsons tackle various mystery genre tropes part 2 riffs on twin peaks black lodge visions brilliantly, tell a story that takes into account the entire town, and, most excitingly of. Team homer is a great episode with homer and pals attempting to win a bowling tournament, but then mr. Burns was admitted to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. The guide contains staffvoice credits, funny simpsons quotes, references and other notes. Burns watching the episode again, there are a lot of subtle clues that will help identify who the culprit was in part one or at least narrow it down. Burns ruins their plans, two bad neighbours with george bush senior going head to head with homer is definitely a standout, bart on the road is definitely a favourite with bart supposedly heading off to canada for a spellingbee but drives. With dan castellaneta, julie kavner, nancy cartwright, yeardley smith. Search, discover and share your favorite who shot mr burns part 2 gifs. Chief wiggum conducts an investigation into who shot mr.

Harry shearer, hank azaria, dan castellaneta, nancy cartwright, yeardley smith. In the end, it was discovered that maggie simpson had attempted to murder. The 100th episode dominated the thursday night it aired with an. As the simpsons turns 30, a superfan picks the best 20. In part 2, smithers thinks he accidentally shot burns while drunk.

After being shot, burns stumbles to the town sundial already called out by smithers earlier in the episode and splays out pointing to south and west. We all find out in the second part of this twopart episode. Page 2 this category is for questions and answers related to who shot mr burns. Watch the simpsons season 6 episode 25 online who shot mr. He was then transferred to a better hospital where his condition was upgraded to alive. The publicity, hype and fan attention from the genius cliffhanger of who shot mr. Burns part 1 the simpsons, season 6, episode 25 fox obviously, this was a riff on the dallas who shot j. Part 1 is at the end of season 6, part 2 is listed as episode 2 of season 7 for some reason rather than ep 1. It originally aired on may 21, 1995 and features a cliffhanger ending that prompted months of public speculation.

The 25 most famous episodes in tv history yardbarker. Recap of the simpsons season 6 episode 25 recap guide. However, it is discovered that he is innocent, so the police question several other suspects and eventually discover simpson dna evidence on burns. Burns steals oil from springfield elementary, an unknown person, seemingly in. Part 1 episode 2f16 first aired 5211995 while burying a dead gerbil, groundskeeper willie strikes oil on springfield. Maggie curled up on the floor sleeping with snowball ii. Burns lies in intensive care, chief wiggum with some help from lisa tries to find out who shot him. The simpsons who shot mr burns part 1 credits 1995. Ii is tongueincheek with an opening shower scene gag from dallas another famous episode i havent seen and even i know. Lisa decides to tackle the case herself, eliminating suspects one by one.

This episode necessarily had its focus on eliminating the other suspects, and was very rushed. Theres one final clue that the simpsons drops before the end of the first who shot mr. I guess the problem that this episode has is that part one seemed to be far more exciting, tense and perhaps more funny. The greatest line every simpsons character ever delivered. The list of suspects is fairly long as most towns folk had a motive, however, you can slowly start eliminating them. Burns hospital room number is 2f20, the same as the episode production code. I loved the way the writers kept you guessing throughout the whole episode and made a. This episode is the only one of the series to have a to be continued.

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